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please help my tootsies

I know this grosses some people out ... but I have severe "change of season" skin. What do I mean? Well the skin on my feet is all cracked and peely and dry and nothing I do seems to help it. It gets like this whenever the weather changes. I know peeling the skin off is disgusting and doesn't help things. Anyone have any suggestions?
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I have that, too -- and I live in Hawaii! (There ARE no changes of season in Hawaii -- what gives?) This year, I'm trying a pumice stone and foot cream for the first time -- I'll let you know if I start to see some improvement.
Have no fear, North Dakota girl to the rescue. We have MAJOR changes in season up day its like 40 the next its -40. Anyway, what I do is use vaseline and rub it onto my feet. Then I wear those 'moisture socks' that you can get just about anywhere (Bath & Body, Body Shop, Target) to bed. Do that for like a week. They should get a lot better. Hope that helps!
I will definitely try that! Thanks!
Moisture socks are a good idea- and when you are looking for a good lotion look for one with shea butter as an ingredient- hard core moisturizer! bath and body has a lot of them.
my mom bought my dad the bath and body foot cream, so I swiped it last night and slathered on, then put on the socks. They weren't "moisture socks" but they seemed to do the trick. My feet weren't nearly as gross this morning.
Just get sloughing cream. I don't know how well other kinds work but Avon's Foot Works is a miracle-worker. My feet do that around Sept. or Oct. every year. I put on the cream, wait 30 seconds, scrub it off and just like that my feet are baby smooth and stay baby smooth. My dad uses it for callass on his feet (I dont know how to spell that), I use it for extremely chapped lips, or just when the bottom of my feet get a little rough or hard because I like soft skin, not just smooth.