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(this is a repost from my actual journal. lol)

Today I called Dr. Young's office to see what he had to say about my headaches (I used to have one every blue moon, now I have two to four a week while on Necon), occasional dizzy spell and awful mood swings. Basically I wanted to know if they were hormone-related. I've pretty much ruled out anything else they could be.

His nurse called back and said that it was possible I had PMDD that was "egged on" so to speak by the hormones I'm taking. (Last time I was on the pill, when I was 15, I felt the same effects and Necon is certainly a MUCH stronger pill than the originals.)

So he prescribed me an antidepressant. What I want to know is, what the hell is PMDD? I've heard about it vaguely and (no offense to anyone out there who may have PMDD) I have always understood it to be a condition that makes you unbearable, unreasonable and is only right before your period. Dr. Young's nurse says it can strike at any time.

And I've never had PMS either. It's just not been something that I've had to deal with. Now I'm all like, huh?
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